Dougal Maclaurin

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Dougal Maclaurin

I’m a senior research scientist at Google Brain. My interests are in machine learning and programming languages for numerical computing. I currently work on JAX.

I previously worked at Day Zero Diagnostics, a startup company I co-founded, where we’re developing models to predict antibiotic resistance from bacterial genomes.

I did my PhD in physics at Harvard, working in Ryan Adams’ HIPS group. During my PhD I started Autograd, a popular library for automatic differentiation in Python. I also worked on scalable Bayesian inference, efficient meta-optimization, and regression on graph-valued inputs.

Before joining the HIPS group I worked in Adam Cohen’s lab building tricked-out microscopes to study voltage-sensing fluorescent proteins. I did my BSc and MPhil in physics at the University of Melbourne in Australia and I currently live in Cambridge, Massachusetts with my amazing wife Melis Anahtar.